Cloud, Cognitive and Blockchain Solutions for the World


Blockchain Solutions for World Trade

Blockchain is one of the most complex and disruptive technologies in the world right now. It holds the promise of verifiable and indisputable transactions that can be performed automatically at the time of delivery of goods or services. Darwin Ecosystem helps the shipping industry streamline and verify trade.

We use:

  • Open-Source Hyperledger Fabrics
  • Proprietary Darwin Ecosystem Solutions
  • IBM Watson and Bluemix Technologies


Cognitive Facility Management

Adding AI to Computerized Maintenance Management Systems, Darwin's Cognitive Visual Facility Monitoring(CVFM) helps identify major repair issues, improve cleanliness and identify deterioration of facilities and asthetics.

Here's how:

  • Monitoring public areas for debris, safety hazards and security problems
  • Early awareness of deterioration and system failures
  • Cognitive assessments of structures, amenities and resources


Build Your Winning Team

Human Capital Management is a foundation of any business. Having the right people in the right places makes all the difference. Cognitive technology helps your business understand what makes the right employee special - and then Darwin Ecosystem helps you replicate those employees.

Here's how:

  • Personality Analytics
  • Improved Retention
  • Reduced hiring time and risk


A Powerful Cognitive Prescription

Renowned medical centers throughout the world are turning to cognitive computing to help solve the most complex medical mysteries, and pharmaceutical companies are forging new models for drug develoment.

Here's how:

  • Patient Population Analysis
  • Improved Diagnostics and Personalization of Treatment
  • Disease tracking and data mapping


Coverage You Can Count On

Cognitive computing has arrived to tranform the insurance industry, aiding decision making and helping control benefit costs. Cognitive systems help insurers engage with customers and know what's working within the diverse array of coverage options.

Here's how:

  • Improved benefits engagement
  • Enormous cost savings for covered individuals
  • Customer behavior insight and tracking


The Money's Safe Here

One of the most exciting and promising sectors for cognitive computing is the financial sector. Innovations include pioneering new transaction methods and advanced ways to protect investments. Businesses gain predictive insights that help advance the bottom line.

Here's how:

  • Mitigating financial risks
  • Cognitive tracking of transactions
  • Proactive fraud prevention


The Cognitive Detective

The age of cyber crime deserves a cyber police force. Cognitive computing will help law enforement agencies solve more crimes, predict crime patterns, put better officers on the streets and keep communities safe.

Here's how:

  • Officer personality insights
  • Crime tracking and predictive policing
  • Accelerated criminal investigations


Lights, Camera, Action

From improved social media monitoring, to new ways to customize your personal entertainment experience, cognitive computing is the future of enterainment and advertising accuracy. What you watch will be delivered to you, just the way you like it, while ads and shopping will be seemless and personalized.

Here's how:

  • Personalized entertainment experiences
  • Personalized ad delivery and shopping experiences
  • Social media data analysis


Targeted Cognitive Learning

Improving education and making it more personalized is one of the great promises of cognitive computing. From the classroom to the cyber-lecture hall, students will get more from learning institutions, and instructors will have more insight into pupils.

Here's how:

  • Student population analysis
  • Improved teaching effectiveness
  • Accelerate research and innovation capabilities


Spend Your Money Cognitively

Your bank juggles massive amounts of information that can no longer be monitored by humans alone. Now cognitive computing helps make your banking, shopping and money-managment experiences more effective and powerful for your wallet.

Here's how:

  • New transaction methods like Blockchain
  • Reduced cyber-crime
  • Seemless financial software intigration


Protecting and Prolonging our Planet

In our blue-sky world, it gets harder and harder to keep our planet so beautiful. But now scientists and climatoligists have powerful new ways to montitor the environment - from cognitive satellite image recognition to climate data analysis.

Here's how:

  • Monitoring wildlife and plant populations
  • Greater climate data insight
  • Accelerated paths to cleaner fuels


The Grid of Computer Cognition

Powering our world and simultaniously protecting it is a tight-rope act. But now engery companies have a whole new set of tools to keep the lights on and the grass green - all at the same time. Cognitive computing can help solve society's most vexing problems.

Here's how:

  • Greater competitiveness in oil and gas
  • Exploring and unlocking the power of new energy sources
  • Evidence based decision making


New Strategies and New Expectations

As disruptive forces drive technological change, governments and non-profits can use cognitive computing to focus their new strategies. By improving communications and the citizen experience, government organizations will improve satisfaction.

Here's how:

  • Improved fiscal and resource restraints
  • Increased control of operational complexity
  • Leveraging and managing human capital


From Factory Floor to Your Door

Manufacturing is becoming more streamlined, instrumented and interconnected through IoT and improved data analytics. From production floor to product delivery, cognitive computing will change the way manufacturing, distribution and retail sales happen throughout the world.

Here's how:

  • Enhanced inventory control
  • Personalized purchasing experiences
  • Reduced production line loss

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