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The Projected Personality Interpreter® (PPI) leverages Darwin Ecosystem’s partnership with IBM Watson’s advanced artificial intelligence psychology algorithm to extract the thinking style, personality, social connections, and emotional state buried in the human language.  The algorithm is based on extensive and proven research in the fields of psychology, psycholinguistics, and marketing to infer the Big Five dimensions and facets, needs, and values.

The PPI processes these personality traits to extract, organize, compare and apply statistical comparative analytics. The results are used by the PPI to infer and outline behavioral characteristics and recommendations. The PPI recipe module empowers subject matter experts to tailor solutions towards a given purpose for a given individual or population. The ability to establish cross-population and individual progress for comparative analytics offers scalable decision-support capabilities.

How It works

Darwin's Projected Personality Interpreter ingests text (example: essay responses) then extracts the personality traits of that person for storage in a structured database. 

Once a person's personality analysis is complete, it can be compared against any benchmark a client establishes. 

Take a moment to review a PPI Individual Report and a PPI Multi-Candidate Analysis.  


Uses for our PPI technology include:
  • Employee recruiting, retention and evaluation
  • Corporate team building and compatability assurance
  • Pschyological analysis within law enforcement and fire services
  • Evaluation of messaging prior to public speeches and press-releases
  • Improved sales team building
  • Student population analysis
  • Medical patient population analysis

 Your company can start evaluating employees and candidates to build the best team today.



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