Darwin Ecosystem, LLC (Darwin) is a Minnesota Limited Liability Corporation established in April, 2012. We are a cognitive software, electronic hardware and data management company developing new technology for existing and startup companies, throughout the United States and worldwide. Darwin’s core business focuses on development of Natural Language Processing(NLP), Machine Learning, Automated Reasoning, Information Retrieval, Software & Platform as a Service(SaaS & PaaS) Blockchain Transaction Solutions and Big Data Analytics.


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In 2012, Darwin Ecosystem won the SAP/Techcrunch Disrupt - Big Data Start-Up of the Year. Darwin has developed multiple proprietary technologies, has pending patents, business partnerships, and a multi-talented development and engineering staff, which will all help the company increase market share significantly over the next two years. We're proud of the awards and relationships we've developed to help our clients find the future.


CEO Thierry Hubert also spoke recently about his chaos theory inspiration at IBM Interconnect 2017, where Darwin Ecosystem presented even more newly developed hardware and software technology. Below Hubert describes his hero in mathmatics, Edward Norton Lorenz, considered the father of chaos theory. Hubert told IBM, he believes weather patterns may work in a similar way to human brain patterns, and are, therefore, similar to cognitive computing.

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What our Clients are Saying


"I cannot speak too highly of the Darwin Ecosystems team. I engaged them for a proof-of-concept, and they went beyond expectations and created something close to an MVP – on their own."

Stanley Stern,

“We need some firepower behind change, and we’re just delighted that we found Darwin Ecosystem and IBM to help deliver that change.”

Joel Ray, CEO - New Benefits LLC

"The change was propelled by their enthusiasm; it was as if they were part of our company. I look forward to working with Darwin on an ongoing basis. People like those at Darwin Ecosystem are hard to find."

Stanley Stern, Founder/CEO - SumTalk

"When we were introduced to Darwin, we really found out what IBM could do. And that they were really have engaged small businesses, or mid-sized businesses like ours with new technology."

Joel Ray, CEO - New Benefits LLC