The Darwin Augmented Visual Extractor (DAVE) is a complete image learning and detection service that leverages IBM Watson technology.

Darwin Makes it Happen!

Our visual extraction system can recognize image details that even the human eye can't identify. 

Farmers can now scan for problems in their fields with drone images. Manufacturers can now identify product defects on the production line with cognitive image detection. Our solutions train AI to recognize your brands in social media image posts. Even mosquito populations can be tracked with a camera and Darwin AI know-how.


Imagine a solution and we can make it a reality

Darwin solutions include a powerful stack of cloud servers, image storage, data transfer and custom image classification learning lifecycles. Darwin solutions also deliver image detected concept metadata through a dashboard and APIs to facilitate customization and seamless integration with our clients image learning and processing needs.

A key advantage offered by DAVE is that no computer vision or deep learning expertise is required to take advantage of image recognition in your business.



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