The Darwin Awareness Optimizer (DAO) is a subscription service that leverages Big Data and Cognitive Technologies to do all the work of searching, correlating and curating, bringing you real-time awareness on your topics of interest. DAO shows you the most current information available.

What can DAO do for you? 

With the DAO it is now easy to automatically be aware and discover what matters to you. 


Can your Search Engine do this for you?
    •    scans the web for you in real-time without biases
    •    elevates information that would be hidden by search engines
    •    correlates and connects the dots
    •    assists your search
    •    provides contextual awareness
    •    clusters the most recent themes
    •    analyses and classifies information for you
    •    continually scans the web so you don’t have to
    •    creates and delivers an easy-to-read digest (DAO)
    •    reveals how the results are connected
    •    reveals emerging themes in real time 
    •    facilitates search across social media and the news
    •    delivers your information digest (DAO) on your schedule
    •    helps you identify who and what site to follow
    •    reveals what keywords are the most relevant
    •    highlights what information is new to you
    •    knows the movement of your topics over time
    •    acts on your missions
    •    learns your topics patterns to alert you
    •    improves your business intelligence
    •    gives dynamic “magazines” about your topics
    •    can save, organize and share your topics
    •    be a 24/7 personal research assistant
    •    You are made aware of what you don’t know
The DAO does it all!




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