Darwin Ecosystem's suite of Cognitive Solutions is powered by our proprietary Darwin Core API and IBM Watson technology, built on the IBM Bluemix platform. We design and construct lightning fast analytic architecture that brings value to your business and helps you easily navigate the endless potential of new artificial intelligence solutions. We augment your systems with our cognitive technologies.

Darwin Ecosystem believes every business is its own ecosystem

We believe the path to profit and progress comes from embracing new methods and understanding that improving insight accelerates business processes and revenue.

Some of our solutions include:

  • Darwin's Custom Cognitive Solutions (CCS) - Agile, resilient and dynamic technology that allows you to create value from information and data. 

    • Making sure disruptive technology is evolution instead of revolution.

    • We reveal patterns and help you understand how they create value.

  • Darwin Awarness of Things (AoT) - Cognitive Computing offers a bridge between connected devices and human knowledge. Darwin Ecosystem’s Visual Extractor services offer an AoT solution for monitoring facilities through cognitive image recognition with IBM Watson.
    • Remote visual montioring of public and private facilities (without human eyes)
    • Automated damage, vandalism and deterioration reports.
  • Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI) - Your personality insight into employees and employment candidates that helps you build a better team.

    • Use your best employees personalities as benchmarks for future hires.

    • Create your own personality "recipes" that evolve with your company.

  • Darwin Awareness Optimizer (DAO) - Your personal research assistant, DAO is a self-learning personal assistant that searches and discovers the latest information on any topic of interest.

    • Your new DAO search engine gives you the best and latest information.

    • DAO alerts you when change happens. 

  • Darwin Augmented Visual Extractor (DAVE) - Your digital microscope analyzing images for strategic business advantage. The power of IBM Watson means we can design a platform that can view and analyze pictures better than the human eye.

    • No computer vision or deep learning expertise is required.

    • Brand recognition, risk mitigation, occupational safety.

  • Darwin Keyword Assembler API (DaKA)
    • Our RESTful API ingests streams of unstructured data and returns a structured collection of correlated, weighted and clustered terms around a given query segmented in intervals using principles of human behavior and chaos theory.

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