Darwin Awareness Engine™ Edition: Social Media Web

Posted by Bill Ives on Nov 10, 2010 1:52:00 PM

Social Media on the Web is the second in our series of themed Darwin Editions™ that focus on specific topics to better demonstrate the capabilities of the Darwin Awareness Engine and as a service to our readers. These can each be accessed at no cost. You only have to go through a brief registration process. The initial themes include: general news (our original alpha), social media on the web, social media in the enterprise, US immigration news and discussions, and oil and gas industry news.

This Social Media on the Web edition can be accessed at: http://social.darwineco.com/. See our post: Darwin Awareness Engine™ Edition Series: Part One – Explanation and Instructions for more about the series and how to make the most of it.  

Soc web 
The target content in for this Darin Edition includes over 150 sources, including many bloggers who cover this topic. There are also blogs from several organizations, media firms such as Forbes and the WSJ as well as a number of relevant blogs from analyst firms such as Forrester and Gartner. There are a few software firm blogs such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook. There are also a number of focused news feeds from both blogs and mainstream media. These lists of 25 top influencers update weekly so I continue to monitor them for new sources. It was fun putting this group together and we will continue to add to it. Please feel free to offer your suggestions.

You can either look at the general buzz from these sites or choose attractors to focus on specific topics of interest. The default shows you what has happened in the target content sources in the last hour. You can expand it to the last two hours, 24 hours and even last 200 hours. You can focus on the more formal sources or the informal ones (bloggers) or look across both. Again, details instructions can be found in our post on instructions.

We hope that you find these Darwin Editions useful and will certainly appreciate any feedback. Please contact us at feedback@DarwinEco.com. We will also be happy to discussion the various business options for a fully functional Darwin edition with all administration rights.  You can create your own Darwin Editions on the topics of your choice with the target content of your selection.  There are both individual and enterprise options. 

Currently you will see up to the 31 most recent articles in the formal (news sites) and informal (blogs, etc.) sources in the right column. If you want to limit the scan cloud and returns to blogs then create an attractor that limits returns to blogs (see our instructions post for creating an attractor).

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