Our APIs are designed to extract insight from information across varying dimensions, like images, voice, natural language, tone, personality and streams of data hiding patterns.  Many of our RESTful APIs aggregate Darwin Ecosystem's proprietary algorithms and IBM Watson microservices to process and deliver an augmented, solution-ready JSON.

Blockchain and Hyperledger

  • Optimum security through cryptographically protected transaction solutions.

Visual Extractor (DAVE)

  • Extracts general or specific concepts from images, then manages the learning loop feedback.

Speech Extractor (DASE)

  • Extracts text and concepts from speech along with personality, tone and weighted keyword clusters for contextual indexing.

Personality Interpreter (PPI)

  • Interprets natural written language to extract the personality your subject projects, along with the tone and diagnostics - with results that are based on comparative analytics and custom rating settings.

Keyword Assembler (DaKA)

  • Assembles and correlates weighted keywords in clusters in seconds, from information streams, such as news, RSS feeds, Twitter, etc.

Mnemonic Builder

  • Builds virtual neural pathways constructed from targeted and evolving information streams to build a conceptual memory.  

Pattern Extractor

  • Extracts, memorizes and detects dynamic patterns from data streams.

Pattern Detector

  • Detects, then notifies users of pattern changes in data captured by the Pattern Extractor.

Company Reporter

  • Reports and consolidates the latest information for publically traded companies across news portals and twitter feeds with a tone indicator, then assembles the key concepts in clusters to provide rapid and actionable reports.