Darwin Ecosystem helps you explore the evolution of artificial intelligence and understand its impact at work and in everyday life.  At Darwin Ecosystem we believe the beginning of this new cognitive era is the opportune time to bring the unique abilities of cognitive computing together to improve productivity, profit and workforce retention. 

Flexibility is a key component to what we do. Our Custom Cognitive Solutions and APIs are transformed into unique solutions that we create by bringing your team together with our team. That teamwork approach helps collaboratively define how your company’s proprietary data, market knowledge and depth of industry experience can be ingeniously mined to find new opportunities in the emerging cognitive age.

We’re proud to be an IBM Premier Partner in Cloud and Cognitive Computing and to have the opportunity to work with your company’s leaders to help navigate this bold new world of business.



We teach new cognitive technology know-how to help businesses. The solutions we design live within Darwin Ecosystem, powered by Darwin's Keyword Assembler and other Darwin APIs, along with IBM Watson. We use IBM Bluemix as our cloud base. Darwin technology helps you navigate the environment of Big Data, AI, advanced discovery analytics and cloud technology. 

From our Projected Personality Interpreter (PPI) to the Darwin Augmented Visual Extractor (DAVE), we decipher NATURAL LANGUAGE, SOUND, DIGITAL IMAGES, TEXT, NUMBERS, PERSONALITIES and other COMPLEX DATA.  We free your mind to spark evolution in your business strategy through the absolute latest in cognitive technologies. 

We educate our clients without overwhelming them. We help them find the answers they didn’t know were there all along. Companies around the world are just beginning to find the value hidden in their own data. Darwin Ecosystem can analyze all of that information in fractions of seconds, shining light into the darkest of data streams to present value you never knew existed. 

Our solutions, with Watson, mean you get the power of IBM with the innovation of Darwin architecture. The Darwin Ecosystem team becomes part of your team.

Our Favorite Quotes


"The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim."


“Everything that civilization has to offer is a product of human intelligence; we cannot predict what we might achieve when this intelligence is magnified by the tools that AI may provide”


"The deep paradox uncovered by AI research: the only way to deal efficiently with very complex problems is to move away from pure logic.... Most of the time, reaching the right decision requires little reasoning.... Expert systems are, thus, not about reasoning: they are about knowing."


"An important concept both in Artificial Life and in Artificial Intelligence is that of a genetic algorithm (GA). GAs employ methods analogous to the processes of natural evolution in order to produce successive generations of software entities that are increasingly fit for their intended purpose."